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Many homeowners understand the outdoor convenience and wonderful aesthetics of installing a shed in Grand Rapids, MI. Not only is this the perfect place to store all your outdoor equipment, motorized equipment, and lawn tools, it can also be designed to be a perfect little home away from home. Some sheds in Grand Rapids, MI are even made to literally resemble a smaller version of your house for some private peace and quiet, or a cute little retreat from the main homestead.

In any case, keeping the backyard organized isn’t just a cleanliness issue, it’s also a safety issue. Even when kept in the basement, sharp trowels, shovels, and hand rakes can still pose a threat, especially to children. So keep it all locked up and tucked away in a reliable Grand Rapids shed. It will provide peace of mind and a place to keep all otherwise hazardous equipment. All in all, a shed in Grand Rapids, MI can make your home a safer, more comfortable place to live in without any alterations to the interior of your house. It’s a fiscally responsible way to get the most out of your backyard and your property overall.

Our Shed Services in Grand Rapids, MI

  • Shed Installation
  • Custom Shed Design
  • Beautiful Hardwood and Softwood Sheds
  • Outdoor Man Caves
  • She-Sheds
  • Plastic and Composite Sheds
  • Long Lasting, Durable Shed Materials
  • Shed Repair
  • Mini-Homes
  • Stock Models Available

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A shed in Grand Rapids, MI will also add a large amount of value to the home. Right off the bat it grants an enormous amount of property value, attracting potential buyers and friendly neighbors alike. To gain that advantage in a seller’s market, go with a shed in Grand Rapids, MI. This is especially true if you’ve gone through the effort of matching the shed’s colors to those of your home, deck, and/or pool. The visual of having completely color coded home construction is truly remarkable, and can be the envy of the neighborhood. Overall, never underestimate the power of a simple custom paint job on the exterior of your house. It’s a cheap way to ensure your shed in Grand Rapids, MI looks fantastic, blends with the house, and it works wonders.

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Grand Rapids Shed FAQ

What security features would a shed in Grand Rapids, MI provide?

Aside from being a safe and secure place to lock up tools and equipment, you can easily add some sort of lock or deadbolt for added security. It protects your kids and pets from the sharp tools that would otherwise be lying around. The shed also defends those same tools against any would-be robbers that would prove a nuisance. Add a motion activated fog light or security camera on that and see the security investment really pay off. Worst case scenario you may scare a woodland creature that got too close. Best case scenario you spooked an intruder.

What are the different types of cladding for sheds in Grand Rapids, MI

While there is no limit to the amount of customization and style approaches for a shed in Grand Rapids, MI, for the most part there are three different designs to pick from. First is an overlap cladding, which is generally the cheapest and most common option available. You see this one all the time on residential properties. Next up is the tongue and groove style, which is basically a method by which to turn the boards of the Grand Rapids shed into interlocking panels, providing further protection from the elements. Finally, shiplap is simply the act of angling panels so that they overlap each other, boasting even more protection not just from rain, but from the constant expanding and contracting that wood is known to do. In any case, feel free to choose the right design and style that best suit your home.

How long will a shed in Grand Rapids, MI last for?

Ideally, with the right kind of upkeep and care, a shed in Grand Rapids, MI can last an upwards of fifteen to twenty years. The average wooden 8x6ft model will also be rot free for at least ten years before the pressure treated wood begins to give. Composite models last even longer, and are not susceptible to wood rot at all. Plastic snap together units can last longer than some wooden ones, but are far more prone to mold and to sun damage. Vinyl however, gets the best of all these worlds, lasting longer and being more resilient to the elements. With proper maintenance your Grand Rapids shed will last much, much longer, maybe up to two decades. All models have their own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the right model for your home.